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Let it snow..

My PR expert told me a day or so ago his analysis of this week's events.

"It is a classic PR ploy by the Government, put it about that Tony is having a hard time and that everyone is out to get him. Build the tension up, "will he survive? Is this end for him?" Of course it is as real as a David Blaine stunt, they know the answers all along. A quick drumroll and then with one bound he is free from the top-up fee vote. And another twirl of the cape and the Hutton Inquiry will basically clear him, and suddenly he is like a returning hero from "I'm a Celebrity get me out of here", with a career revived. If it hadn't been a "struggle" no one would have cared and his downward spiral would have continued. But now he is the hero of the hour, and his enemies are having to defend their accusations.. "

The final PR expert tip - if it snows this week- everyone will have a feel good factor with kiddies playing in the park and Tony will be right back on top.


A very neat summary of our Tone's latest bit of smoke and mirrors. Well put!

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