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Image taken on 28/0/2004 19:09

Half an inch of snow and the whole bloody country stops. North Americans must laugh at us.l


Ho, ho, ho, etc, etc, Didn't I read that some Highways Authority or other, had promised that there would not be chaos if it snowed, that they had got the matter in hand!.. maybe the gritters have gone on strike..

The man in charge of West Berkshire roads including gritting is Melvyn May on (01635) 519873

Alternatively you can fax us on (01635) 519865
or send an email to mmay@westberks.gov.uk

or write to him at:
Council Offices
Faraday Road
RG14 2AF

(Oh I am tempted - very, very tempted to tell him about the lack of gritting...)


I am in Florida, hence the laugh. This a.m. we have a ground frost for the first time this year, our visitors from the UK were moaning until I showed them pics from home.

Too right. Nearly all the schools in Bedfordshire were closed today even though the postman didn't have any trouble doing his rounds.

Here in Pennsylvania,I thought we had it licked with only 38". Then last night,another 9" came tumbling down.
This stuff will be here until about mid-March and just as we'll see a little ground,we'll get sucked by NorEaster (that's when a wet system moves from south and gets deflected by the northern low pressure,ending up dumping about 3-4' of the powder). Yehaaa! spring at last....

The world stops turning and sanity goes on holiday here in Mobile, Alabama, USA when it snows, I might laugh that it happens elsewhere but only because I've seen it up close and personal.

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