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Ramada Jarvis - Just say NO.

So the company Do last night was at Hungerford - The Bear Ramada Jarvis. All was going well until I arrived at the front desk. A young oik asked me to sign in, and then demanded my home address - I put c/o The Company - he said we have to have your home address "It's The Law". There was no please or thank you anywhere. I considered going elsewhere but then remembered I was there on business and had to stay. Eventually he said they wouldn't use it for marketing purposes. So I guessed the Hotel's address and put that down. He was happy then. Interestingly several others objected and put down false addresses on their own bat, not because of what I had done.

After dinner I went to my room, and found the "Ramada International Hotels & resorts European Union Data Protection Directive Disclosure" this wasn't anywhere I could see at the front desk, and I had not been offered it - it is not online any where that I can find.

"..Personal information provided by you will be used to provide hotel accommodations and related services request and top facilitate billing and collection.

We may also transfer your personal information to our hotel locations worldwide for direct marketing purposes. Countries outside the EU may not have data protection laws as comprehensive as the EU. If you do not wish to receive future mailings from us, please send an e-mail to ...euoptout@marriott-com or fax.. or letter...
You may also contact us to enquire about your personal information maintained by Marriott by sending an email to euinfoaccess@marriott.com or using the Fax number or address above. A charge of $20 is required for all information access requests."

So I took this down to the feckwit on the front desk and asked him about them sending home addresses abroad for marketing purposes, which he had earlier denied them doing. "We have to ask for your address for "Health and Safety" reasons - in case something happens to you." I pointed out that they were operating an unacceptable opt-out policy with an exorbitant information charge and not correctly informing people of what uses the information would be put to or sent. And that hiding behind the twin gods of "The Law" and "Health and Safety" was a cop out unless he could show me the relevant statutes.

In then got a bit ugly - the night porter was called and tried to "arrest" me and chuck me out. But I went to bed instead and said I would raise this bullshit and blatant Data Protection bollocks in the morning - so I have.

(If anyone knows the actual laws involved I would be grateful for the information.)

From the Information Commissioner's website:


There are eight principles put in place by the Data Protection Act 1998 to make sure that your information is handled properly.

They say that data must be:

fairly and lawfully processed;
processed for limited purposes;
adequate, relevant and not excessive;
not kept for longer than is necessary;
processed in line with your rights;
secure; and,
not transferred to countries without adequate protection.
By law data controllers have to keep to these principles.

Go to
http://www.informationcommissioner.gov.uk/eventual.aspx?id=1038&expmovie=1 for an expanded list - as far as I can see Ramada fails several of them....

As well as by asking for $20...

"individuals have the right to request information on all data held in relation to them. Fo rthis the company holding the datais entitled to charge a maximum fee of 10. The company holding data has to reply within 40 days ofthe payment of the fee, sending a copy of the information, description of the purposes for which the information is processed, any person who has received or handled the data and the logic behind any automated decisions"


Just invent an address. I typically use:

106 Main St.
Suburbia, HO 02323 (There is no state called "HO")

If no confirming ID is requested, then I use the name "Hayward Jablomie".

You should have kicked the little shit in the nads.

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