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Hutton - a wise old bird?

Here's a suggestion I heard last night.

Hutton is not a government toady as it appears. If he had given Tony a light slapping for being a bit sparing of Actualité then Tony could have said "sorry" and "we can all move on". If he had been harsh with the Government than he would have overstepped his constitutional position by effectively making a Prime Minister resign But because he painted Tony as whiter than white no one believes the report (that I can see) and so without saying a word he has got his message across.

As in the classic "Friends, Romans,. countrymen, lend me your ears;. I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him... there are more ways than one to skin a cat.


..far too subtle for the rhinocerous-skinned politicos, or the rest of the populace for that matter...Having read the whole gamut of the english press from the Mail through to the Guardian, one thing is clear: nobody understands how limited his conclusions were, and everybody feels cheated. And we were.

Hutton is too much of an establishment figure, if this Indymedia report is correct he's been involved in several cover-ups of truth in Northern Ireland and the mainland.

Is it possible for an establishment Ulsterman to publicly criticise other establishment figures from the government? In hindsight, what an excellent choice!

Ah yes. Hutton vindicates Blair. And along comes Gollum the Ultra-Tory.
"He did lie! He did, he did. We hates him, we hates him so much! We should rule, my preciousss! Nassty, horrid New Labour...spin doctorsss...Tony's croniessss..."

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