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The Full English

fullenglish.jpg The full English Breakfast is one of our national treasures - sadly it is only in Hotels that most of us ever eat nowadays.

Munching my way through the sausage this morning under the eye of the feckwit Manager of the hotel I was reminded of my Vegetarian friend saying that he enjoyed a Full English with Quorn Sausages, Veggie Bacon etc. I queried whether it could taste as good as proper bacon and eggs.

"Probably not, but then I always have a line of Coke first so I don't really care."

I think I will stick to my rashers....


In addition, the perfect accoutrement ……

Take one onion, coarsely chop – lightly fry with two cloves of garlic. When browned, put in six chopped tomatoes & reduce – add a good dash of Worcester Sauce & half a dozen finely chopped chillies, salt & pepper – reduce to the consistency of a paste.

This is I assure you, is perfect for ‘warming up’ your gentleman’s breakfast but remember at all times,

“The walk downstairs to the breakfast table is exercise enough for any gentleman”

I am staying in a hotel on Tuesday morning, looking forward to the breakfast now. :-)

Just hope it's not one of those "bacon OR sausage" deals.

If you ever care to escape to the US, remember that there is a diner on about every mile of every road where a heart-stopping breakfast can be had at 2 in the morning.

It's on me!

I'll see you soon!

While I love Bacon Butty sandwiches, every time I ate breakfast at a Hotel in England, they put beans with the eggs and bacon...

Do you watch Phoenix Nights?

Jerry St Clair:SO have you any experience in bar work.
Spencer an applicant:Yes I was an inn keeper.
Jerry:Oh really where?
Spencer: Galilee. And I gave Mary and Joseph an en-suite with a sea view and a full English.

Scramble the eggs and it would be perfect.

er? where are the baked beans? it's murder trying to get baked beans for brekky, they give you this strange look when you ask for em.

Hmph. The one in your pic looks like it came from Waffle House over here.

Our English Breakfast is a bowl of oatmeal, followed by eggs, bacon, bangers, baked beans, chips and toast. And Fortnum's Royal Blend tea.

I used to have some kidney as well, but then I got gout.

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