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The Malaria Clock

The Greens and Eco-Imperialists are not just a bit annoying with their constant winging but are killing people on an unprecedented scale - one example is highlighted on Junkscience.com - the Main Page It is "The Malaria Clock" which shows an estimate of how many avoidable deaths the ban on DDT has and is causing.



Beginning in 1940s, the number of United States citizens infected with malaria dropped significantly when the government began spraying DDT, a chemical used to kill mosquitoes in populated areas. But only 20 years later, new strains of infected mosquitoes immune to DDT continued to appear.

The more you use a pesticide that only whacks 99.99% of the pest the more that the surviving 0.01% becomes immune thus starting a war of attrition that only the bugs will win. The little bastards have been on the planet far longer than we and have survived far worse. This is the main reason why DDT and the like are bad, itís not that they kill, itís that they donít kill 100% and never will. Life doesnít go down like that.

well i enjoy that awesome issue

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