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Treacle Danger

Every old larder cupboard in England has a tin of Lyle's Black Treacle in it. treacle.jpg
Like Golden Syrup it features the rotting Lion and the slogan "out of the strong came forth sweetness"

Every year the tin comes out and one spoon-full is used in the Christmas cake and occasionally Parkin is baked.

I pulled ours out yesterday to make a rich fruit cake and opened it with a small "pop" - and then noticed a best before date of June 2001. Fair enough, but it looked and smelt OK (it tastes horrible raw anyway so that was no test). And then I noticed the blood curdling warning on the side - "Do not open tins beyond the "best by" date, dispose of carefully, they may explode....." (I presume it may ferment.)

Lucky I'm still here I suppose, but I wonder what my local Bomb Disposal Operative will say when I ring to ask him to make safe a tin of treacle now sitting in the middle of the lawn.


If you are thinking of the same Ammunition Technical Officer as I am, hw would have never found it if you had left it in the middle of the lawn.............on the bar in the Seven Stars, now thats a different matter.

Use it up by trickling it on your porridge. Very good! Don't tell the scots, they will explode!

Ah, the man who created the Imber beach and lido one August Bank Holiday by blowing up a dummy bomb filled with sand!

He isn't the only candidate....

Tim--Build fire. Place can in fire. Run!

Tim....you needed worry unless it's milk, that's what's dangerous.

It's TRUE! My mum woke up this morning to find black treacle dripping down the walls of the larder! Not an easy thing to clean..

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