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Can't be bothered.

British voters couldn't give a toss about the European Parliament. This much is clear from a Mori poll published in the Independent which reveals that only 18% of Britons plan to vote in June's EU elections. And what percentage of that 18% intend to register a vote against the EU?

EURSOC warns us that the EU will employ telemarketers to get us to vote - I pity them for the earfuls they will get.


Give 'em Hell, Tim!

I used to vote in the Euro elections. But last time around they had a pr list sytem so instead of voting for a guy to represent Cornwall and Plymouth it was a load of faceless people off a party list who lived somewhere between Swindon and The Scillies.

A combination of this plus movement from apathy to outright objection to the whole EU business and, er, the fact I'm not on the electoral roll, means I shalln't be bothering come May or whenever it is.

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