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Why Europe hates America Pt.2

As a long time fan of the IEA I was pleased to see Samizdata.net bringing the paper Friend or Foe? What Americans should know about the European Union to our attention. What can I add but read it! now!

As Mr Free Market said here... let us once again revert to the wise words ‘our skipper’, Sir Winston,

“We must also never allow………the growing sense of unity and brotherhood between the United Kingdom and the United States and throughout the English-speaking world to be injured or retarded.”


This is a very real and frightening possibility. The EU is the 20th and 21st century version of the German Zollervein(I believe that's the spelling). It was passed of to the autonomous German states as a trade agreement, but was in fact leverage for Prussia to unite Germany. The EU is just another example of the now cliched, but still valid, saying of, "Those who do not study the past are doomed to repeat it."

Hello Dan,

Exactly. Have you seen the spin on the German foreign minister's latest speech, about nation states and the need for europe to be less centralised? Anyone would think it was a major change in German policy, except he said that the current draft constitution was exactly the right balance! No change there then, just find a different way to sell the glories of the new Reich.

Oh, and it's Zollverein.

Thanks for the correction. A united Europe brings back memories of reading 1984. Personally, I'm happy with having just China and N. Korea being the only major threats to worry about.

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