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Tinker Balls

"The ancient titles of 'Sir', 'Dame', 'Lord' and 'Lady' could be scrapped in a sweeping reform of the honours system, MPs suggested today".

I'm sure we could live without them, but why is this government obsessed by modernising and tweaking the constitution?

If it was the result of a comprehensive review and recommendation of how to fix something broken then fair enough. But these half cocked piecemeal changes seemed to be driven only by a hatred of old things and a desire to be new.

I am convinced that societies and laws evolve their strength in Darwinian ways. And things that are old may appear illogical but their survival is the proof that they work. So tinker at your peril.

And besides I don't want to live in a gleaming stainless steel modern house designed by My Lord Rogers - give me the security of a old Castle that has proven its strength over many years.


This is just another outward sign of socialist envy. The whole philosophy is built on envy and hatred of those who are perceived to, either have more, or aspire to having more, than the pathetic small minded sheep that are 'socialists'.

They are no more than spoilt, greedy, and destructive imbeciles. :-)

Now that feeels better.....

Relax, your worship. They spent one hundred years threatening to abolish the Lords, until one day recently the opportunity presented. In a flash of insight they said to themselves, (They often talk to themselves) "What will I do when the bums throw me out, or when I retire full of honour?" The answer was "Go to the Lords". As a result the Lords was not abolished, and may last forever.
Honours are a good way to bribe/reward the help and cost nothing. MPs are well up among recipients and donors, so fear not, you may yet be Sir Worship.

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