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Star Boob

I don't wish to intrude in to a nation's grief and shock over the Boob incident. janet.gif
And I realise I have lead a sheltered life and there were somethings we didn't learn about at boarding school, but my eye just caught a picture of the offending boob at BBC SPORT | Other Sport | US Sport | Photo Galleries | Janet Jackson's Super Bowl strip

WTF is that on the end of it - a sea anemone? multiple piercings? A Golden Spider. Or is some type of Flange Fitting where she docks with the mothership?

Urgh, I'm glad I have never had to face one of those in action. I will stick to what I know, thank you very much.


It's a ring that goes round the nipple with a bar passing though the flesh to hold it in place.

Looks like the end of some sort of retaining plunger........

fungal growth

Bad Monkey! - Naughty Monkey! now I feel sick.

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