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Safety Nazis at work

BBC NEWS | England | Cornwall | End of line for Trevithick parade

The centrepiece of steam celebrations in Cornwall which remember Richard Trevithick as the 'father of the steam engine' have been cancelled this year because of safety concerns.
The Trevithick Day parade of steam engines and steam-driven cars through Camborne's main street draws thousands of people to the town.
But police have raised concerns about the parade on 24 April.
They fear someone could be seriously injured because the crowd is so close to some of the engines.

No mention of anyone ever being injured! Remember at the public opening of the first railway between Liverpool and Manchester which took place on the 15th of September, 1830 there was a fatal accident to Mr. Huskisson, one of the MPs for Liverpool. Did they ban the railway and hold an inquiry? No they got on with it and built an Empire.

Still I'm glad to see the Lads took it into their own hands last year - I would love to see the Rozzers trying to clamp a Steam Roller

But there were a number of breaches of a road closure order last year when barriers were removed to allow the steam engines through


It is such a shame, having idiots everywhere trying to put a stop to old traditions that don't harm anyone. The only objection these fools have is that people are actually enjoying themselves without permission.

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