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Gatso got.

From The Sun

Vandals blow up a Gatso
A SPEED camera has been BLOWN UP on a road where four have now been destroyed.
Vandals strapped explosives to the Gatso in what is thought to be the first attack of its kind.
Army bomb experts were called after the detonation on the A37 at Emborough, Somerset.
Sir Elgar Jenkins, Bath and North East Somerset Council's transport boss, said he understood motorists' frustrations.
He said: "This attack is a reflection of the fact cameras are being spread all over the place."
Other cameras on the 21-mile route from Bristol to Wells have had burning petrol-soaked tyres hung round them.
The speed traps, costing 40,000 each, are run by Avon, Somerset and Gloucestershire Safety Camera Partnership.
Its spokesman Dick Bowen said he was "disappointed" by the attack.

You are very very naughty boys to have done that! You know they are only there for "Safety" and that means no one should dare question the policy behind them, or whether they do any good, apart from the revenue they raise.

(Does Texas have speed cameras? How long do they last?)


As I am not a British citizen, I feel the need to say, "Well Done!" and "Fire in the hole!"

you were right about that nitram mix...it went off nicely......just need to work on a better 'det' now...............!!!

It was a good job Mrs Free Market had some icing sugar left over from Christmas....

Tim, the destruction of these devices is hardly vandalism!

We don't have them in Texas, so I don't know how long they'd last.

Lot of people with high-powered rifles around these parts...

Never mind Texas just imagine what our near neighbours the French would do if cameras were introduced over there.
We are too bloody liberal in this country and need more direct action just like that recently displayed in Somerset. Congratulations to all involved in the destruction of the cash collectors.

Smart job destroying the cameras, I suppose the police will have to find a way to fund replacements...hmm let me think, fining motorists through more cameras perhaps?

In my opinion it's rather stupid to be bitching about speed cameras. What's the simple solution? don't speed.If this country didn't have so many accidents caused by speeding it wouldn't be necessary to put so many cameras up in the first place.QED.

Wrecking speed cameras is a good way to fight the encroaching Police State and strike a blow for personal freedom. However, keep in mind authority will not laugh off destruction of state property as a bit of boys-will-be-boys vandalism. That's why they stick to an exaggerated figure of 40,000 per camera. Namely, to ensure a custodial sentence for those convicted of destroying speed cameras and surveillance equipment. Police motto: "When you can't catch the criminals, turn those you can catch into criminals." So when you finally decide to give it best and seek your fortune in the colonies, a criminal record will be a serious disadvantage. These days they have computers, so putting "No" to the question: "Have you ever been convicted of a crime that carries a custodial sentence" may not be sufficient. But being disenchanted enough to leave may be a blessing in disguise, because there's a whole big world out there and most of it is potentially a lot better for a Brit (aka English gentleman) than the UK at present. There's bound to be an emigration spike after Blair's mob win the upcoming election, so the smart money will try to be ahead of the rush.

How many drunk/drugged/unregistered drivers has these things caught? Last count, NIL.......

Its not speed that kills, its poor skills. Take the stupid, pathetic, Innane, analy retentive confused and unprofessional drivers off the road, and stop trying to make the roads safe for Blind Quadraplegics in their motorised Iron Lungs, and we'll all be better off

Keep in mind that it's the working class leading the charge.

I find a Hilti nail gun very effective in destroying them.

Info...... Serco, the UK distributor of the infamous Gatso cameras, insist their most recent design is fitted with a heat-proof lining that can help prevent the camera being damaged if attacked with burning tyres.
Well i find the little fella on top gear doin Brainiacs on "thermite" an interesting solution, just observe what one small terracotta plant pot filled with thermite can do to an engine block in just 10 seconds.
Cant imagine anyone going that far though...LOL

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