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Colorado Bound

Oh dear, I have reluctantly agreed to a business trip to Colorado in 10 days time. Return trip inc. taxes 322!
I have got meetings near Boulder, but it is my choice where (within a couple of hundred miles) and then there is the weekend when I will be a sad little Englishman with nothing to do.

Last three times I have gone to Glenwood Springs for the skiing and Hot Springs - where should I go this time?

Suggestions please before I book a hotel!


try Brekenridge - stay at either the Swiss Inn or the Fireside Inn

Visit Rocky Mountain National Park.
Not far from Boulder as I recall.

Wolf Creek is where I would ski when I lived In CO. Bit of a drive for you though from Boulder ~250 miles.

If you stay in Denver, you can easily hit the slopes within an hour. Hot springs as well. But you can still "enjoy" city life. If your looking more "mountainy" Breckenridge, Sliverthorne, Vail or Aspen would be nice.

For all info for Denver and Mountains go to http://denver.citysearch.com/

Swing through Dallas, and we can go shooting.


Now that sounds like a great idea - but I'm only out for a few days, and it is business so the flight is straight to CO and back again.

Next time - I will try and take you up on it!.


Of course you will layover in Atlanta.

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