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Salty Balls

BBC NEWS | Health | Warning over clingfilm 'condoms'

Cash-strapped teenagers are using crisp packets as condoms because they cannot afford the real thing, say experts.

My ignorance is showing again.
The Marmite crisp packet I have to hand has a diameter of 3 1/3rd inches - and a length of 7 inches. It is gritty and salty with sharp edges.
What are they doing?

Of course the answer is more free condoms, more money into the health service, more Teenage Pregnancy Coordinators. Not a word about personal responsibility or the fact that these poor teenagers who can't afford to buy a condom are decked out in the most expensive Chav gear possible. But then who cares, getting preganant enables the stupid to get a council house and never have to worry about getting a job.


Ouchie... must not be for her pleasure...

Seven inches long? If you taped two of those things together, I believe that would just about work!

i think its a great idea!!!!!!!

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