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Pig Fat to the rescue.

NEWS.com.au | Pig lard to stop terror attacks (February 12, 2004)

ISRAELI police have come up with plans to place bags of pig lard on buses in a bid to deter Palestinian militants from carrying out suicide attacks, the Maariv daily reported.

Rabbinical authorities have given the idea its approval on the grounds that it could be a life-saving measure even though pigs are also considered impure by Jews.
Authorities believe that the move could discourage Palestinians from carrying out attacks as pieces of their exploded body could come into contact with the pig fat, prejudicing their chances of entering into paradise.
The paper said that the rabbinical dispensation could mean that security forces also hang bags of lard in shopping malls and schools.

(Thanks to Tim Blair, they must have studied my Plans for Flying Pig Airlines)


Pork and Ride?

This rabbi is an idiot then. This is the same mentality that led someone to put bacon rashers over a Somali lady's body in London a few months ago. Muslims don't believe they are judged on the basis of whatever someone does with their body after they die, but rather of what they do and in what state of faith they die. I can't imagine that the people behind these bombings would consider this.

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