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Holiday Planning

Boomer Shoot 2004

Visit Idaho May 7th, 8th, and 9th for a real blast!

As Mr Bluetouchpaper would say:

I don't know why everyone does not share my delight with explosives. If they don't, it has to be some abhorrent character defect.

Ragnar Benson
From: Ragnar's Guide to Home and Recreational Use of High Explosives

Now all I need to do is find a Business Trip...


Hey, I'll be there...

Tim, lets do it!

From / To Flight Number Cabin Departing Arriving
Outbound Heathrow (London), United Kingdom to Seattle, USA BA0049 Economy (Traveller) Fri 7 May 2004, 14:35 Fri 7 May 2004, 16:15
Inbound Seattle, USA to Heathrow (London), United Kingdom BA0048 Economy (Traveller) Mon 10 May 2004, 18:40 Tue 11 May 2004, 12:00

475.10 inc taxes....

Now to talk to Mrs Englishman, flowers might not be enough...

And can we hire some guns?

Road Trip! Whee!

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