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Have fun!

Talk amongst yourselves as I am off tomorrow on a business trip to Steamboat: Springs.

I will try an blog a little but the meetings are going to be hard work and there will be no time for play...

So wish me luck as I fly over the pond with my lucky pork chop around my neck, and behave yourselves!.

Next time I'm over I hope to meet up with some of the Colonial Bloggers for a beer - if any are reading this and are near Steamboat give me a shout.

(Oh and Mrs Englishman is staying at home with the vicious dogs to keep her company as she oils the firearms - so don't go trying to break into The Castle).


Let me get this straight. You've managed to convince Mrs. Englishman that you are going on a business trip...to a ski resort?

Not only that but they happen to be offering, on the day you are presumably to arrive:

"Special Vineyards Brand Winemaker Dinner Feb 19th at The Cabin includes a five-course gourmet meal with an old world wine accompaniment from Vineyards Brand Winemaker."

Your persuasive skills must verge upon those of a Jedi and your bravery must exceed that of a lion.

...as blags go, this is a monster.......

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