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At work

Wow afer a nine hour flight, ninety minutes queing to get to immigration I then had a four hour drive in the snow over mountain passes to get here. But it is 6.45 am now and we are starting work.

This is out the window, the Yampa valley.


Image taken on 20/2/2004 14:39



Wow...snow, I don't really see much of that

Tim, welcome back to the States, would you like asylum?

Dan, I see less snow than you do, I'm in Mobile.

Just saw your comment at Samizdata on the post Exporting British Governance to India.
Loved it. Super Sexy comment
I wouldnt be surprised if the exact same thing happened, and soon.

If it is of any help - I am from India too.

SpaceMonkey, I'm in Auburn, so I guess we're about even (unless you're a Bama fan, then I'm far greater)

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