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Little shits

The Times Online - Newspaper Edition reports

A DOG owner has made a formal complaint after being threatened with arrest and fined 50 because she failed to spot her Jack Russell leaving a small souvenir on a north Devon beach.

Four police cars were dispatched after a dog warden caught Camilla Sharpe's terrier Molly in flagrante.

Mrs Sharpe, who was using a public lavatory at the time, failed to spot the incident.

She claims that she offered to clear up the mess but the warden had refused to even tell her where it was and insisted that she had to sign a piece of paper accepting the fine. When she refused, the warden called the police, who arrived moments later, sirens blaring.

Spot a burglar and one van might turn up the next day, so next time don't say you house is being broken into say a little dog is doing a poo-poo on a huge deserted beach! Priorities huh.


I suspect that the Chief Constable concerned is reporting, for this type of crime, a 100% clean up rate


But (trust me on this) it's no better here on the other side of the pond.

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