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Mr Free Market suggests I should be sending Pork Aid to America and ship them some sausages.

The BBC worries that Sausage survey shows salt threat

The great British banger may threaten our health - by containing far too much salt, say watchdogs.

A survey of dozens of makes and brands by the Food Standards Agency found that most have levels which make it hard for consumers to stick to daily limits.

High intakes of salt have been linked with an increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

Of course we know better than to worry about Salt don't we thanks to Numberwatch though of course the evidence won't stop the health Nazis ..."Across the UK, about 34,000 people will die through high salt consumption, said the charity."

Now back to my Marmite Crisps (0.2g Sodium per pack), yum!.


......and theres me thinking you were a roast ox flavor man......sorry, but you have let not only us, but yourself down

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