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Student bandit turns gun exec - 02/18/04

As the newly appointed chairman of Arizona-based Smith & Wesson Holding Corp., parent of the famous firearms maker, James Minder Jr. knows a thing or two about guns - specifically the double-barreled, sawed-off kind.
Decades ago, in a life far removed from his decades of community service and current perch in the corporate suite, Minder used to have the nasty habit of robbing shopkeepers with a 16-gauge shotgun after his classes at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.
In a story stranger than fiction, Minder - the infamous "Student by Day, Bandit at Night" is now was the top ranking board member at one of America's largest gun manufacturers.


Sir.....fantastic - this actually formed a major discussion point over todays 'gentlemans' lunch - (so if I make no sense in the pub 2nite u know why)

But on a serious & sober(?) note - how many chairman have actually tried out their company's products?

I am the god of port.............

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