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Kids too fat

BBC NEWS | Health | Demand grows for junk food ad ban.

More than 100 of the UK's top health and consumer groups have signed up to a campaign to have junk food ads banned.

I actually read the report "There is a crisis in children’s health. In his 2002 Annual Report on the state of health of the nation, the Chief Medical Officer warned that obesity is a “health time bomb” All for "the children", salt , fat, sugar, unhealthy....But what they really really hate is that food is sold for "profit" and "commercial reasons". The report is full of weasel words, no real science and is exactly the sort of thing this Nanny state will introduce.


I'm surprised and out of fairness I should note that Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell says she is sceptical that a ban on junk food adverts would cut obesity rates.
"The reason I am sceptical is that we have got to come back to the evidence. We are getting fatter because we are less active," she told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

"Of course advertising has an impact, but what we have to judge in government...is whether this action would be proportionate."

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