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Torbay - just say No

You may remember the Lib Dems at work in Torquay/ Torbay when they wanted to scrap our national flags, they were routed by the council workers who mounted an official protest over plans to take down the British and English flags at seafront locations in Torquay and Paignton. The ruling Liberal Democrats also want to take down the St George's flag and Union flag at the Town Hall in Torquay.

Now "A campaign to make Torbay "smoke free" has been launched."
Torbay deputy mayor Jenny Faulkner said she was keen to support the Smoke Free Alliance.

"As children's champion on the council, having restaurants and eateries that are not filled with smoke is very important to me.

Well at least such Feckwits make it easier for me to decide where to go on holiday - anywhere but Torbay. I dislike smokey pubs but I hate illiberal Liberals more.

I think I will drop this story on their Feedback page!


On Saturday, how about loading a box of my finest cuban 'big boys' & heading off down to Torbay - these fellas are big enough to burn a hole in the ozone layer.....tee hee!

You trying to hide from Mrs Free Market? Anti social indeed!
Saturday - I'm taking the Heir and Spare to London for an evening out (If only I had got tickets to the match it would have been perfect!) But I will put up with smoke in the Kingers on Friday!

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