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Microwave your money!

The official plan is for euro notes to have RFID tags in them by 2005. (RFID tags are the tiny tiny ID chips that can be scanned at a distance.
) This report suggests that they are already in them, though the only 50 euro note I can find I am not allowed to try out as the owner doesn't want it burnt (I can't see anything though, and it might just be the metal strip sparking)...RFID Tags Already in Euro Notes

This is a follow up to the more widely reported RFID Tags in New US Notes Explode When You Try to Microwave Them

"Of course, the official line is that these tags are there "to protect us", they stop counterfeiting and enable security agencies to track illegal money. Why would illegal money come in five or ten Euro notes? Surely your classic suitcase with wads of cash consists of 200s or 500s not fives and tens, you would need a whole truck to transport large amounts.

The truth is where ever we go are being tracked by our governments. RFID is the latest technology to be used in the ever-growing control grid that dictates the way we live our lives. Walmart has recently carried out RFID trials, even though they claim it is only to monitor possible theft of razors! "


I've just tried 3 50s and 2 10s it did nothing except set the holograms on fire - I can imagine there being a chip in the large round hologram of the 50 note, but not in the metallic strip - I'm going to have to take the cash back to the bank to get it exchanged (Hypovereinsbank - they are very good). All the notes had German serial numbers and were dated 2002 - maybe other nations have done it though?

Okay I'll update that - I've just tried a "new" feeling Belgian 50 and before the hologram (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euro_notes for pictures) burns out a set of tiny square holes appears along the metal strip in the middle - interesting. But that's it, I'm stopping now, I've just microwaved the equivalent of 170 quidlets.

Whilst checking the details to find which serial numbers come from which country (the first letter of the serial number specifies the country of origin) Germany is X, Belgium is Z etc. I noticed the interesting phrase "The W, K and J codes have been reserved for the EU member states currently not participating in the euro." So, no plans or anything then.

I've got some small Euro notes - I'll bring them down to the pub this evening & we can wizz them through Barney's mircowave..........there is the other test we can try..........how about drunking them in the fat Major's pint of 6X & see how long it is before he explodes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What japes.....

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