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Hi y'all

I have just taken the Harvard Implicit Association Test on nationalism from the UK specific pages; "The results revealed by this test provide a new method of appraising nationalism."

The result:

"Your data suggest a strong automatic preference for United States relative to United Kingdom"

Which surprised me - I thought I would be neutral (The test works by flashing words and picures which you allocate to good or bad or US or UK. However I think I was influenced by the use of Tony's grinning mug which as an Englishman I should be associating with the UK and Good but my finger hesitated every time..)

Go on take the test - it is more interesting than the "which Lord of the Rings special effect" are you ones that most Blogs do.

There is also a Race one which "indicates that most people have an automatic preference for white over black." My results are staying sealed..


That test is evil, and you're right it is *incredibly* hard to have a list of words "poison", "grief", "sorrow" and then a pic of our Tony and press the other key. I have however "Little to no automatic preference" between the U.S. and U.K. I'm off to do the race and gender ones now and see if I'm as unbigotted as I claim.
Ah, it's a slow work day here in Euroland....

p.s. They took the Euros at the bank.

Really interesting test - the US/UK result was as predicted - I'm off for a quick couple of pints now - then I try the other two

Shame there isn't a UK - EU test tee hee

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