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Chav wars

Blimey, we have Chavs visiting. I'm sure they are jolly decent people underneath those stupid hats, and they are having great fun arguing with each other at This post on Chavs. Go and join in!


But will you be bringing your chav-o-meter to the Kings Arms tonight?

I hate to show my ignorance, but what is a chav?

a chav is a fucked up asshole who has nothing better to do than hang arround shops drinkin and smoking and assulting people

a chav is someone who useal lives in the UK but not always
they listen to pop music like fiddy (wot a sht name) usher, and britany spears. they wear pure white baseball caps in winter and are seen with white track suit tops and white jogging pants and always have a near bald head under there funny looking hat

the reason ppl hate them so much is because they talk "like diss init an at da shops smokin wiv da mates init" and they, if you could make it out, hang around shops and town centres smoking and drinking realy cheap vodka and pick on anyone who doesnt look like them

chavs think that anyone one else who doesnt look like them is a goth.........or as they say it "gof" and are unaware that they are differnet types of "gof" like skaters emos and metalers

they pik on "goffs" only in massive groups of 20+ because if it was just one they no they would be killed and have to do things like beat up one guy in a group of 20

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