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Sorry to see you go

holly.jpgic Southlondon - Holly Valance to quit Britain?
After calling us Brits "bitter and twisted" it looks as though Holly Valance has finally had enough of residing in our green and pleasant land. She's only got four months left on her record contract and she knows it won't be renewed. She's gone to Australia to assess her options.

Whilst I'm sorry to say I have no idea who Ms Valance is I'm available for career advice and I would like to show not all us Englishmen are bitter and twisted. "Holly, come and sit here and let's see what comes up."


I shan't be sorry to see her go.
Eyes are too far apart - very shifty and most unattractive.

& I hear that she can't drive a tractor

I could always teach her..
But in the meantime I will do a Google search on Holly Valance and Farmyard to test your theory that she is a stranger to the rural delights..

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