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I spent the weekend being a tourist in London - it is nice to visit occasionally.

Heir and Spare in the The Tate Gallery asking whether the modern art is really just rubbish compared to the old masters.

The London Eye, simply a must do:

badge_shadow.jpgThe Texas Embassy for a decent steak with Chorizo sausage and deepfried jalapinos.

The Imperial War Museum for incredible tales and the Holocaust Exhibition for a sobering and moving lesson.

And finally Her Majesty's finest forming up behind No 10 Downing Street in preparation for a spot of Prescott Sticking - if only...


St. Martin in the Fields usually has a free lunchtime concert. If you are partial to Bach and Vivaldi, might want to check it out sometime.

It is just a bowshot away from the National Gallery, possibly the world's most perfect museum. The self portrait of Elizabeth Louise Vigee La Brun will turn your head, not your stomach like most of that Tate stuff.

If the heir and spare are old enoug, they might be moved by the inscription on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the Abbey.

Tim!!! Am SO sorry for taking so long to add you to my blog list! I have revamped my site.

AM so jealous... I have been told of the Texas Embassy...did those jalapenos have cheese in them?? Theres a local restaurant that will slice up the peppers along with onions and deepfry them together in light batter and call them Texas Toothpicks...very good!

Hope all is well with you!!

"did those jalapenos have cheese in them?"
They were breaded and maybe a bit cheesy, generally excellent.

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