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NO further Exports will be made from the UK

Here's an example of how the Govt destroys business:

A small firm that specialises in Genuine Ferguson and Patern parts and repairs restorations for Ferguson Tractors has just announced on their website that:
NO further Exports will be made from the UK
Non-UK orders will no longer be accepted
Any payments made from outside the UK, will be refunded minus 7% administration charge
All paid orders placed prior to 03/03/2004 will be honoured

Exports are about 1/3rd of their business, so why are they stopping..

We've been having some fun here. We think ofourselves as a small business and get on as quietly as we can with our work. The dti, however,inform us that parts we sell could, concievably,be used to make a tractor work that could then be used to deliver a WMD. Now, unlikely as this may seem to you and I, we have to respect the powers that be. We, therefore, have been encouraged to obtain an Export Licence because about 1/3rd of what we sell,we export. If we did,we would then be responsible to ensure that we believe that our parts will not be used on a (or to deliver a) WMD. TOO MUCH! Not my job and NO, No, and thrice NO.

The next crack is that for goods exported to some places, we can charge no VAT, provided that we can prove the goods have left the UK. They won't tell us if a reciept from the P.O. is sufficient proof (let's face it, how many goods go somewhere unknown to the sender?). For goods exported to other places, we should charge VAT. For yet other situations, we must obtain verification of the VAT number of the person to whom we supply goods in EU countries. The extra accounting costs seem to us to amount to as much as the saving to our customers. Who's going to pay that bill? NOT US!

THEREFORE, because of the 2 issues raised, above, NO FURTHER GOODS WILL BE EXPORTED BY US FROM THE UK.

We apologise to our valued and much liked and cared-for non-UK customers.


Embargo wheat too,
Think about it, wheat grown in the UK could be ground into flour, shipped abroad, baked into bread, sliced and then a sandwich could be made of BREAD from the UK that would be served to people making WMD's. Unthinkable.

Then whtat yo've done is help people make WMD's on a full stomach no less.

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