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Achtung Spitfire

Scotsman.com News Spitfire Sculpture Unveiled
A Spitfire sculpture built using funding from a German car company was unveiled today to mark the anniversary of the Second World War aviation legend that helped saved the country.

The landmark artwork, on the Southampton International Airport roundabout, was revealed on the anniversary of the day the prototype first flew out of Eastleigh Aerodrome March 5, 1936.

Great - and I note various papers picking up on the German funding, but so what? The decent people of Germany were just as much liberated by the war as anyone else. And now note the weasel words from the council;

Gerry Wall, public art officer, said: Its really a celebration of a pre-war flying machine and its local associations.

Its certainly not meant to be from the view point of a war machine.

Of course not, war is nasty male stuff and it would be too horrible to commemorate; you just stick to your rubbish...

"Hampshire County Council have come up with a novel Year of the Artist project. Initiated by the Council's Arts Development Officer Dawn Langley, they are looking to appoint a 'crafts maker' to recycle waste products into craft objects for display and sale. This project is a forerunner of Hampshire's bid to host a Museum of Modern Craft. For more information contact Gerry Wall on 01962 846 018."


Maybe you have read this a little incorrectly ,sir. It is in fact recognition that decades after the event, the Germans finally admit that the Spitfire was a superior fighter to the Messerschmitt

When I read the story I understood it was simply a Southampton Mercedes dealership stumping up the cash rather than Mercedes the company. Still it's good to have recognition for RJ Mitchell's vision and creation.

To paraphrase someone, and I'm afraid I don't know who, sorry.

Spitfire: The world's most successful distributor of German Aircraft Components.

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