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Tories chase Mr Free Market's Vote

BBC NEWS | Scotland | Children 'should get gun lessons'

A member of the shadow cabinet has attacked the ban on handguns introduced after the Dunblane massacre.

Conservative homeland security spokesman Patrick Mercer described the move as "nonsense".

Instead, Mr Mercer said some children in rural areas should be trained to handle and therefore respect dangerous firearms.

You can fill in the usual howls of protest yourself.


a last, a level of sense ....... see tomorrows post teehee!

You mean I can stop applying for a Waffenschein and come home? Sorry for the German-speak - I mean weapons licence. But it's a great language, no honest, when I got my "Führer"schein it made me want to go and annexe the Sudetenland. Okay it means driver's licence, but for an Englishman some words are always going to carry a certain association aren't they?
And don't ask why I had to swap my driver's licence for a German one, the reply will involve the letters "EU" and some other curses....

I'm all for libertarianism and everything but I think training kids in handling (and presumably using) firearms just seems a tad too much for me.

Astonishing. A front-bench politician actually talking sense about guns! Whatever next? Naturally the gun-grabbers have resorted to slagging him off and calling for him to be sacked, rather than presenting their own argument - because they haven't got an argument. Roll on the repeal of the pistol ban!

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