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Boar shooting advice..

From Pigeon Watch UK Forums -> Boar shooting

Do you think a .177 airgun at 30ft/lb's could stop them? (my uncle wants to know)

Only if it choked on it..



Have a pop at one of these fellows with an air rifle shows a certain degree of ......eerrrrr........stupidity! However, unless said air rifle is held on a FAC, it will be limited to 12 ft/lbs!
I'd have thought a .270 would do fine, but given that these fellas can bit a little 'fruity' to say the least, I'd have thought something like a 7.62 / .308 or .300 Win Mag might well be in order!

I wouldn't go after a boar with anything smaller than a .45 ACP. Preferably a 30-06 rifle.

i got in to some trouble a while back and have started shooting and beating as a hobby and am realy enjoying it and find it intresting and am woundering if you could give me anyadvice wheather to send off for my shot gun license or to leavit for a while. i was 17 at the time and i am know 18. thanks very much John Ousby

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