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Ain't Google great

Wandering the Tate gallery with the Heir and the Spare we came across this large striking picture.
Of course today I couldn't remember the artist or title. But I had noticed it was 17something and there is a prominent Black British soldier. The notes in the gallery made no mention of this and I thought there must be a story to it.

First Google search turned the picture up.

Got the title now.
John Singleton Copley 1738-1815
The Death of Major Peirson,
6 January 1781

Google that and I have the full story behind Pompey, the black guy, and the foiled French invasion. Hurray!
La Société Jersiaise: The History Section


Great bit of history, for a better view of the pic try:


Thank you for looking into Pompey for me. Through you I was able to gain a little more information about this soldier who I am analyzing in one of the many paintings in my thesis.

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