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Great night last night - got invited out by the National Farmers Union for a beer night in a local pub. A couple of pints of excellent Wadworth's IPA (paid for by the Union!), a game of pool where I was thrashed by a pretty young woman, who then went on to show us up by scoring near perfect score on the rifle range in the bar. Yes, there is a .22 rifle range in the bar. For more details on the pleasures of "an anachronistic rifle league using rifles, some of which are nearly 90 years old, in the comfort of your own pub. What could be more perfect, firearm in one hand, foaming ale in the other."
Mr FM is the man as usual.

(The rifles are lovely old BSA Martini actions - even I managed to hit the bell once or twice.)
More details please


What on earth were you doing in Potterne - when your village team was doing battle, on homw turf,with the 'dead eyed dicks' from Sandleaze..........

I am please to report that dispite them turning up with a fair amount if match kit - the good old boys from the Kings Arms won by 2 points !!

Even our resident bell ringer scored a possible

I have only been going down the King's Arms for 25 years so I haven't been invited into the mysteries of the Range yet - maybe soon I'll be accepted as a regular and trusted....

only 25 years...........young'un

That sounds like a damn fun evening. Certainly beats going to some of the CF events I have been to.

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