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Scottish Boars

A shadowy group in Scotland, the Wild Beasts Trust, would like to see all the extinct native mammals re-introduced in Scotland starting with Lynx.

Peter Clarke, a member of the trust, said that if the lynx prospers, other species could be re-introduced: "Our shopping list includes the walrus, brown bear, lemming, wolf, elk, boar, wolverine and bison. Restored to our mountains, they will change the soul of Scotland's wilderness areas.

And now the boar are being got ready...

Scotsman.com News - Opinion - My boar babies - born to be free in the land of their birth

WE ARE a grandfather. Unto me are born seven enchanting baby wild boar.

All baby mammals are ench-anting. Even baby Scotsmen. I adored my quota of kittens, puppies, guinea pigs, hamsters and polecats, but infant pigs have extra loveability.

The thrill of my cluster of babies is in mapping out their careers. I reckon my seven boar will be 27 next spring and 100 by 2006. Compound interest is very much like pig fertility. Within a decade, my furry children will outnumber the Scottish Conservative Party.....

And they will be out and about for all of us to enjoy.


What a strange, strange man. I re-read the article and must admit I have no idea what his message actually is. I quite like the reference to the NFU as "Stalinist mercantilists", although again I'm not entirely sure what it means. It was interesting to note his familiarity with the psychiatric patients at the Argyll & Bute.
It almost made me wonder if chronic inbreeding wasn't the cause of, as well as what releasing 7 siblings as a starter population will result in.

I'm sorry, I should retract that, personal insults are never necessary, but please tell me that this isn't The Scotsman newspaper that I used to actively read. What happened?


No need to worry, it is only a Scot you insulted....

Sorry - as a member of the NFU, and with the NFU paying my bar tab last night I think I ought to object, but I am not sure I can find the fault in the description...

I wonder what the rest of Scotland will do with herds of extremely distructive wild boar roaming the heather and scaring the horses. Will they reintroduce hunting with hounds? Inbred boar will be a real menace as well - especially if they also add in some of the other suggestions - wolves etc.!

Uh... Restore walrus to the mountains?

This is fantastic news - I might need that .375H&H after all - oh the sporting opportunities

Greetings from California! I found your blog from the over 40 ring (I tried to join but was too lame to get the code up).

When did the wild boar go extinct? I am in what our Forest Service calls a transitional zone--lots (hundreds of square miles) of open space behind my house. We have small predators (coyotes, bobcats) but few large ones, so the feral pigs are taking over. There have been several reliable sitings of mountain lions (puma, cougar), but what would really be scary is reintroducing the grizzly bear.

No, it wasn't bloggers over 40, it was this person


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