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Cracked Mirror

In the newsagent and across the world Today's Front Pages all lead on one story - the mass murder in Madrid.. apart from the Daily Mirror which had the front page and "Full sensational interview Pages 2,3,4,5,6,and 7" about:

British captive freed from Guantanamo Bay tells the world of its full horror - telling how he was tortured and prostitutes were taken into the camp to degrade Muslim inmates...

Got the priorities wrong guys?

(I notice later editions have a second story on the Front page about how Al-Qaeda claim the Madrid bomb. And explore the link to the front pages - interesting site.)


Pretty good for a ghastly rag. Wonder if they would be so sympathetic if hisfrinds in Camp X-ray had dropped a Boeing on Canary Wharf? Or blown up the tube in Embankment?

And yet many other reports of Camp Delta say that the inmates were treated well and some even wanted to stay....

Hope the US Army sues this pathetic rag for slander/libel. .....typical Mirror. Typical Piers Morgan (Editor from hell) - Earth calling Morgan, hellooooooo?

And they paid *how much* for this exclusive? And theirs was the only rag on sale today which didn't lead with the most important story in months.

Morons, fools, fantasists. Hope every penny of that investment has turned out to be wasted, on the moronic fantasising fool just back from his Cuban holiday.

God, I'm angry!

It suits the Labour Party to allow Foreigners with British passports use Britain as a Terrorist Hub. Unregulated immigration and police & immigration officers scared to take action because they will lose their jobs ensure the terrorists move at will unhindered.

How many terrorists have originated from England? Suicide bombers, shoe bombers, Al Qaida & Taliban fighters, etc, etc.

The suicide bombers came from Hounslow. Right underneath the flight path to Heathrow. It is only a matter of time that the chain of events that the Labour government has set in place, come to an end game.

When that time comes, remember who was responsible.

Before the 1996 UK elections, the IRA planted a massive bomb at canary wharf. Subsequently a Socialist government was elected.

The Madrid bombs had hallmarks of ETA but looked like AlQaida.

It was so well planned that 10 devices went off and/but a stolen van was found containing Al Qaida "evidence" .

The similarities between ETA & the IRA, the Madrid & Canary Warf bombings, the subsequent elections are interesting.

Interesting point. I did not know that you english had also a bomb before your election.

it seem to be very convenient for the socialists, who win election, ETA who get victory against te governmente and for the alqaeeda who remove spain from iraq.

If your canary bomb went off today, who would you blame? Ira or the ETA?

no, it would would most like be the Peoples Front of Judea....or Popular Front of Judea.......maybe even the Peoples Popular Front ....etc etc etc

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