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Modern Art

The Saatchi Gallery has always been in the business in buying wholesale and then "marketing" the product and selling retail. As we all know where there is "muck there is brass", but I would respect them more if they actually made their money from Septic tank cleaning rather than peddling the crap they do.

I'm afraid you are too late to visit the Chapman Bros output: "The Chapmans’ reflect contemporary thought by taking the headlines to their ultimate conclusion: genetic modification, nuclear war, cultural holocaust, anti-capitalism. The most disturbing thing about the Chapmans isn’t the violence, or the cynicism, or the outright perverted: it’s the looming question of What If?
DNA Zygotic

The Chapmans’ sculptures of mutated children are possible by-products of gene tampering, nuclear spills, or cloning experiments gone horribly awry. Whatever the evil, it’s not the children’s’ fault: they’re placid, angelic creatures who seem to take no notice that they have 4 legs, or 12 heads, or genitals for a face. If they’re disturbing, that’s the viewer’s hang-up. The children themselves seem to relish their strange beauty, know that they’re one-of-a-kinds: each one having been made by hand in the artists’ studio.
Zygotic acceleration, biogenetic, de-sublimated libidinal model

In Zygotic acceleration, the Chapman’s take aim at the world of advertising. A team of pre-teen ‘girls’ osmose in a bizarre, sexualised fashion orgy. Their genital-less bodies melt into each other, creating a single hermaphroditic torso. ..." and so on ad nauseam

But don't worry the next heap of ordure is being hyped now, the usual story of "shocking" someone to get the column inches - never mind it is the grieving parents of a dead girl, it gets publicity...

And this is the picture, I show it so you can judge if its artistic greatness, its skill, its subtlety, justify the hurt..

I thought not.

And what makes it worse is that Mr Saatchi goes home every night to the delectable Nigella - she is too good for him.


Now that is better to look at!


Is it just me or is there a remarkable similarity in the two pictures. Apart from the drooling that is...

I try to avoid drooling when admiring Ms Lawson, but if anyone has the video of here separating the two egg yolks in her bare hands, leaving the egg white running through her fingers, I will pay good money for it...

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