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Job done!

Now home for a bacon sarnie.


Image taken on 17/3/2004 9:59


so you have gone from brum brum to yum yum...

You'd never get to Birmingham and back on that...

Come the revolution you will be surprised where I can get to on it...

Tim, I agree with you & I'm afraid that Mr NBC is wrong.....those Bosnian taxis go for miles & miles !

As Mr NBC knows I have even driven into the office on it during the Glorious Petrol Strike. I wearing my full Yellow Motorway Maintenace Jacket and I could see the traffic warden wondering where I was off to blockade. Walking along the street I was handed a lost little Girl by a passerby who mistook me for Plod - a bizarre moment until I realised that and managed to pass the girl back...

Hey, all you've done is turn the tractor around ;)

Thats farmers for you............with all those EU subsidies

What do you do Tim? How do you work in an office and do farming at the same time? And what are you growing? Some spuds?

A man after my own heart - a tractor owner!

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