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Food Freedom Day

Tax Freedom Day 2004 falls on 30 May., according to Dr Eamonn Butler at the wonderful Adam Smith Institute.

I have just read that Food Freedom Day, which is when on an average wage you have earnt enough to pay for a years food at farmgate prices, fell on January 9th. Industrialised cheap food production allows you to spend the rest of the year buying other stuff, such as getting people to prepare it into ready meals. Remember the Moonbats who want us to return to Organic Tofu Herding want you to work all year for your subsistance food, just like they do in pre-industrial societies.


Hmmm, January 9th? Obviously you do not have teenagers in the house!

I had a conversation with some others in my office recently. Our state Ag commish said the date here in Texas was March 5th for the earnings/food formula. One comment was that our forefathers would roll over in their graves if they knew that poor people were fat due to so much available food. I replied that poor people were fat because the cost to prepare healthy, fresh meals was too expensive for a poverty level budget. You can feed kids a long way on mac and cheese. The two gentlemen were not convinced - they are both in an extremely higher income bracket than that of the "poor" we were debating. They will never get it.

Yes! Forward to iniquity! Advance, oblivion awaits!

Deny the human spirit, embrace mindless mechanism!

I'll lead...

...right after just ONE more bong-hit!

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