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BBC - A saint dies.

I don't follow events in Judea and Samaria as closely as I should. After we handed the mandate back very few British have taken much interest in what they get up to out there, unlike our dear ex-colonial friends who do.
But I did hear on the BBC that a Great Spiritual leader had been blown away, and the tone of disgust was heightened when it was announced, "some reports say he was in his wheelchair at the time" - that is beyond the pale, attacking a cripple!

Online - BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Sheikh Yassin: Spiritual figurehead

Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the founder and spiritual leader of Hamas, was a frail quadriplegic who could barely see. His voice was thin and quavering.
Yet he wielded growing power among Palestinians, long frustrated with a peace process that has failed to improve their lives...

Obviously it is the peace process that condemns the poor Palastinians to poverty and not the violence that the good Sheikh promoted..

Hamas has been able to build support by offering material help to Palestinians suffering economic hardship during the latest intifada.

It has established charitable funds to establish schools, clinics and hospitals that provide free services to families in distress and has been able to attract millions of dollars from the Gulf and elsewhere.

Where is the collecting box, such a charitable organisation..

Sheikh Yassin himself proved a powerful inspiration for young Palestinians disillusioned with the collapse of peace hopes.

He inspired them to offer up their lives, promising that suicide bombers who were willing to die for the sake of the dignity of Palestinians and in the service of a longer-term victory would achieve martyrdom.

Oh well that is alright then, he was happy to send young men to their deaths, and so presumably he was ecstatic as he acheived martyrdom, all those virgins to look forward to.. (Why is that those who promise eternal bliss to martrys are so reluctant to become one themselves?)


apparantly there's controversy as to whether the promised 'virgins' are a translation error, and the correct scripture is 'raisin'.

not sure of the source...


He was in a wheelchair, but was that a result of his spiritually crippled worldview OR the cause?

Either way, he's no saint to the righteous... just to the Beeb!

I've always had a problem with this virgin-filled paradise thing, but it was more to do with the idea that maybe a few "experienced" women who knew what they were doing wouldn't hurt (I mean, you get 72 apparently).

And for all my reservations about the extermination, I don't think I'll be sending flowers.....

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