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Getting ready for the long march


Image taken on 24/3/2004 6:03


You may already know this trick, but if not, it sure makes a big difference. Smear some vaseline on your heels, between your toes, on the soles of your feet--anywhere where friction might cause a blister. A tablespoon-sized glob per foot is about enough, but it is better to be overly generous than less so.

If you are doing the whole marathon, you might want to re-apply at the half way point, especially if you have gone through enough water to wash off the vaseline.

If you are a bit on the chubby side, you might want to apply a little bit on your inner thighs to prevent chafing.

After running a bunch of marathons and ultramarathons, I'd say the vaseline tip will solve the blister problem better than anything else.

Thanks for the hints, I have the big industrial pot of Vaseline on the bedside table ready for the day.

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