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No Victory - for the time being..

no euro is mothballing itself. As the Telegraph said : "Yes, it's no! Nein! Nyet! Non! Seldom can a campaign have been wound up after such a comprehensive victory as the No Campaign, launched by Rodney Leach to prevent us joining the great currency experiment that is the euro. Today the last permanent employees will pack their bags and (quite possibly) head off for an agreeable break in the eurozone."
A job well done - but I suspect their skills will be needed to fight some other euro nonsense in the near future. But their campaigning will be judged a major reason why we weren't bounced into the euro, and so they rank as heros. Knighthoods all round! (if only!)


Maybe their talents can be used to fight the equally large threat to liberty from the EU con-stitution?

I certainly hope so...

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