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Taxpayers in Hot Water

Blognor Regis reminds us of the Council folly in Portsmouth.

Let me just raise a local issue;

BBC Cost of Bath Spa scheme escalates

The full cost of Bath's Spa project could be considerably higher than was originally budgeted for....up to 35m.

Earlier this week the council said it was facing a 4m bill for repainting the pools...

The estimate in the report is three times that of the original cost....

..There remains no projected opening date....

And we have to pay them on pain of imprisonment!

(P J O'Rourke once wrote about taxes along the lines that, if you don't pay, you are arrested, if you resist arrest, it eventually escalates up to people with guns coming after you - so the council should ask; " is this measure we want to spend taxpayers money on worth threatening to shoot people, if they don't want to pay for it?" If anyone can find the original quote I would be most grateful.)


But the council scumbags are spinning it nicely.....it seems that the more publicity it gets for the cost over runs the more interest that it generates & hence the more sucessful it will be when it opens. Ah, I think not!

Taxation is just a nice friendly way of saying "demanding money with menaces"

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