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An encounter with a Guardian reader.

A successful business woman I know, late thirties, international travelling, threw down her copy of the Guardian and said to me. "This wall is so stupid, why have they put it up, the bastards I hate them." As she carried on a bit I meekly suggested that the Jews might feel it was for self defence. She rounded on me "But the Israelis have put it up to drive the Jews out". I was a tad perplexed by this, until I discovered that she believed that the Israelis were the Arabs and the Palastinians were the Jews. I am not sure she believed me when I tried to persuade her she was wrong, somehow it clashed with her opinions which she liked to share with everyone, and as she read the Guardian she was obviously better informed about the real world than all those American rednecks who voted for that unbelievably dumb cowboy - did you know he has an IQ of 86?....


They really are the wackiest fundamentalists of all...

Guardian readers? Are they the peoples who supported the Socialist Occupation of my country and the other Baltic States.

All through the time when your president Raygan and Marget Thacher were fighting for our freedom the guardian readers were fighting FOR the occupying socialists.

There opinions is as worth as much as there courage.

I wouldnt pay much for there courage. They are only brave when attacking democracys.

that is quite stupid. but not necessarily indicative of the views of all Guardian readers.

I consider myself reasonably well-versed in issues of Israel/the Occupied Territories, and surely you can see that people are worried that this wall (despite what Sharon tells us) is permanent, and intended to fence out Palestinians, creating unviable cantons that cannot form a true Palestinian state, while the Israeli's can withdraw from Gaza and part of the West Bank, thinking they are safe within their fence, and solving the problem of an Arab majority in Israel in 30 years.

This is no solution, and while it may provide some protection for the Israeli people, will not stop the violence. If the Palestinian people are not given viable statehood - they will fight, and die, and kill Israeli's til the last man. And the international community (sans the US) will support them.

just a thought.

I don't know. If in order to achieve "viable statehood" I had to murder innocent children, I think I'd forego the statehood and find another way to be happy. But that's just me. I'm sure that's a ridiculous idea to everyone in the "international community" (sans the US).

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