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Tales from the Gun Room

Having being deprived of my fun by Her Majesty's Government failure to supply her troops with the tools they need for the job I thought I ought to just check the gun room and give them all a wipe with an oily cloth. At least I try to be always prepared. And knowing you lot I thought you would appreciate a couple of pictures.
The .22 - click to enlarge

The shotguns - click to enlarge

The toys

My grandfather's guns


Watch Out For German Burglars !!!!!!

Watch Out For German Burglars !!!!!!

Watch Out For German Burglars !!!!!!

Going to join the Gun Rights Group which just opened an office in London???

Nice gun room. Which is your favorite shotgun?


They are all favourites - the top one is a good solid over and under for Clay's, next is my father's old English side-by-side covert gun, very light and lovely to handle but I wouldn't want to put too much lead through it in one day. Next comes the 5 shot semi-auto (held on a FAC so legal!) I'm limited to what I can use it for, but fun! and lastly a bolt action 410 which is mainly for the boys.
If I could only keep one it would be the side-by-side, but if it was Kim du Toit SHTF situation I think you guess which it would be...

You started it, I warned you.......so the vale arms race is now on........see tomorrows post..

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