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A German writes..

A new comment has been posted on your blog An Englishman's Castle, on entry
#312 (Don't mention the war

Name: German
Email Address: IdonŽtknow@gb.suxxs
URL: http://www.fawlty.towers.is.gay.de


Don't mention the war <- funny episode (The Germans) but the only of fawlty towers. The rest is just something for cocksuckers. "Ve haf vays of making you tock" <- Don`t able to write in you on language? poor...

PS: Wrote this in my poor english because youŽll be to stupid to understand german.
PPS: fawlty towers is just something for simple-minded, anthropoid thinking humans, in other words for the English

Thanks Fritz - don't ring us we will ring you! (One of the commonest Google searchs that finds this Blog is "German Jokes" - I think I will add this one to the entry!)


stupid germans. We had enough of them when they invaded in the 40s. Between germans and russians, there isnt enough brains to make a pig brain soup.

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