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Old men's tales

Dodgeblogium notes Ted Heaths latest thoughts - for many years I have worked on the policy that whatever Ted Heath backs, go for the opposite. You don't even have to think, or read any further, it always works. It is unlikely we will see him hanging by his heels from a lamp post in the Cathedral Close in Salisbury in the near future so we might as well make use of him whilst we have to put up with him. He is whatever the opposite of a Bellweather is and so now without having to read any further I now know Michael Howard is the right man for the job.

Talking of old men - Peter Ustinov has died, whilst always a jolly man, probably a wonderful man to listen to talking I remember he was always a bit quick to cozy up to the USSR leaders in the late 80s when they were recruiting "useful idiots". More later on that I expect. De mortuis nil nisi


Quite why Heath's bloated head isn't on a spike above traitor's gate having it's eyes pecked out by ravens right now, is completely beyond comprehension. Surely the most traitorous Britain of modern (or possible all) times.

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