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There there dear..

I heard a patronising advert for this BBC Programme "If... women ruled the world

"would our world be a better, more peaceful place if it was run by women?" and more about how traditional aggressive male tendancies and hierarchies and traditions would all disappear in a lovey dovey cuddly feminine world, the sort of world run by; Golda Meir, Indira Ghandi, Margaret Thatcher, Condoleezza Rice... oh sorry I think the BBC meant Guardian Wimmen not real women....


If you dont understand the benefits, there is no point in telling you

I thought women already did run the world....
Behind every great man there is a nagging woman.

California already seems to be run by "Page 3" girls. And look how well that state is doing.

Firstly you forgot Mrs Bandaranaike - until the '90s (i.e. including the Falklands War) Mrs Thatcher was the most pacific female PM ever.
Secondly if California has doing so well run by page 3 girls, why did they vote to "recall" (sack) the Governor and replace him with Arnold Schwarzenneggar?
If you want peace elect a politician such as De Gaulle or Ike or MacMillan who understands the horrors of war but is known to be a brave man so his enemies will not try to cow him with threats. Remember that Chamberlain declared war and Churchill made peace

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