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Pig Statue

pigs.gif Well I could hardly ignore the story about the Pig statue in Derby. Many others - Dhimmiwatch, The Edge of England's Sword etc. have covered it better than I could.
(Quickly - old statue of Wild Boar used to be in Public Park, lost his head to a Hun Bomb in the last unpleasantness, Park now restored, Muslim population now lives in area, threats to statue etc. about racist plan to restore it.)
Of course I am biased and favour Pig statues everywhere - this one is in Calne, the little Wiltshire town where Oxygen, Photosynthesis and most importantly the Wiltshire cure for Bacon were discovered. And of course only the latter has a statue.
The arguments are so obvious and are well put in the article I link to below. And they can be summarised by "Get a life!"


pig are clever. you can keep them as pet and they follow you.

All household should keep pig. In spain some peoples keep pet pig.

Hi Tim! Wasnt sure if your site would pick up the tracking. It's me, Sharon Ferguson, from Brazos Cantina...*I* am ladyaubrey.

I have not posted in my blog for sometime, largley because i have given up trying to fight off the comment spammers. I am clueless as to how to implement the MT Blacklist program. JayAllen did a fab job and am grateful he went through so much trouble...but like so many computer geeks I know (not all!) are woefully inept at making instructions for the Computer Illiterate. They assume all who want to use their programs to be on the same level of expertise or have the same vocabulary, and all others who don't, well thats too bad, you know?

Anyway, I am making slow moves to go over to LiveJournal as there is a teeny tiny conservative proWest community there that needs encouragement, and the pace for posting is a LOT less hectic.

When I get the paid account with them, I *should* be able to make a list of links. I hope to have the LJ be more reflective of my old blog.

Not likely to have a dearth of comment spammers there either.

Best regards!!!!

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